Albuquerque Sá family

The Albuquerque Sá family, of 3 children, studied at The British School through 3 decades. In 2008, their parents told us of how they were doing:

“Marcelo Sá ’1996, the eldest son, finished the IB Diploma at TBS in 1996 and went to Bentley College, Massachusetts-USA, where he graduated in International Relations. He was always very active in school, participating in the school’s futsal and basketball team, taking home with him several medals from the RANCHOs he went to. He is now at Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, responsible for the area of ‘institutional communications’ focusing on the CVRD’s perceived image in the market.

Fábio Sá ’2000 left the school in 2000 and decided to stay in Brazil. He, who was also very active in school’s sports and other matters, entered PUC-RJ via ENEM and in 2004 graduated in Publicity and Marketing (Publicidade e Propaganda). He is currently Commercial Manager for Esporte Interativo.

Thaissa Sá’2005, our youngest, always very responsible and dedicated to all she puts her mind to. Thaissa, entered PUC-RJ in 2006, via ENEM, for in Publicity and Marketing (Publicidade e Propaganda).  At the end of her first year at PUC she was awarded a scholarship for her excellent academic achievements.  When the award was given, Thaissa had gone to the USA for a ‘holiday work experience’ and therefore, her mother and bother represented her at the ceremony.”

In the words of Marcelo Sá‘1996: “Estamos muito orgulhosos da Thaissa e reconhecemos o importantíssimo papel que a formação na Escola Britânica desempenha no sucesso de sua carreira acadêmica. Mesmo os três irmãos já tendo saído do colégio, ficam os votos para que a Escola continue contribuindo para a formação e valorização de jovens que, como a Thaissa, atingem o sucesso por mérito de seus esforços acadêmicos, de seu caráter, de sua integridade e de um senso ético inabalável.”