School Life

Community Service


Community Service

TBS encourages the active involvement of our students, parents and staff in charitable causes and community projects. Children from very young ages have opportunities to help and learn about people within our local or wider community who are less fortunate than ourselves. Our older students become more actively involved and engaged in projects through authentic action, and display admirable leadership, initiative and compassion. Our IB students are involved in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) as an integral part of their Diploma programme.

Community Issues and Active Citizenship (CAS)

The CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) requirement is a fundamental part of the IB programme and emphasises the importance of life outside of school, providing a stimulating counterbalance to academic studies.


  • Volunteering as English monitors or teaching History to the Casa Arte Vida´s youth in Pedra de Guaratiba
  • Beach Clean-up campaigns along Barra beach – initiative set up by teachers and led by students
  • Volunteering as Sport or Dance monitors at Semear Centro cultural in Recreio
  • Animal food and materials collection for Animal shelter - initiative set up and led by students
  • Volunteering at Aldeias Infantis Brasil in Itanhangá
  • Walkathon - initiative set up and led by students
  • Christmas Showcase - initiative set up and led by students to raise funds for One by One
  • Young Ambassadors programme – initiative set up by PTA
  • Helping Hand project – initiatives set up and led by students with school teacher support
  • IGCSE HELP Website - initiative set up by school teachers and students and led by students to help younger students
  • MovimentArte – initiative set up and led by students, with school teachers support, where Casa Arte Vida students came to TBS Barra to spend a day and participate in Art, Music and Sport activities
  • House and student council systems – initiatives set up by students and school teachers and led by students to help improve school community well-being
  • Volunteering at One by One – students set up crowd funding campaign. They also helped with recreational activities for children with a physical disability
  • Blood Drive campaign - initiative set up by students, where there was a blood donation campaign for Hemorio amongst school community
  • Mathematics tutoring – initiative set up by school teachers and students to help younger students
  • Teaching English to economically less fortunate at Santa Ignez Church (Gávea)
  • Teaching assistance to students in Upper Primary section
  • Green Council – initiative set up by students
  • All for ZMM – Fundraising to help victims of the cyclone in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi


  • Share the Warmth - Providing warm clothes and blankets for CELPI
  • Bake sales and second hand uniform sales that supports NGOs
  • Shoe Box Appeal - annually, hundreds of boxes filled with gifts are donated to socially vulnerable families
  • World Earth Day - Community outreach and awareness programme
  • Food Boxes - Monthly food boxes containing essential food items are organised by each class and donated to families within the Dona Marta community


  • Teaching English to athletes in Flamengo Club
  • Blood Donation Drive with Hemorio
  • Numerous efforts from class 6 and Class 10 students to support casa de Apoio à Criança com Câncer, such as bake sales to raise money, participation in events and campaign for donations
  • Teaching tennis lessons to children from different communities in Rio de Janeiro with the NGO Tenis na Lagoa
  • Beach Clean-up campaigns along São Conrado and Ipanema beach
  • Literacy project in public schools – Era Uma Vez
  • Support for the NGO Indefesos that provides animal shelter
  • Onda Esportiva in São Cristóvão
  • Working with the NGO TETO to build houses for families who live in extreme poverty in suburban areas of Rio de Janeiro
  • Tutoring maths, chess, Portuguese and English to students from the public schools such as Escola Minas Gerais
  • Fundraising for Sáude Criança
  • musICA Festival