School Fees


School Fees

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All values are in local Brazilian currency (Real R$).



    A contribution to the school’s Development Fund will be charged at the time a child enters the school. This fund is maintained strictly for major development projects and its use is controlled by the Board of Governors.



    • Regular classes from approximately 8 am to 3 pm, with staggered entry and leaving times, and the entire curriculum – including music, arts, drama theatre, ICT (Computer), Physical Education classes, other language lessons depending on student’s age (French and Spanish), registration fees for external examinations (IGCSE and IB), other services and programmes such as Student Council, House System, Flourishing Programme for Care and Guidance including Career and University Entrance Guidance, etc.;
    • Meals – snacks and lunch
    • All material – books, notebooks, pen, pencils, art material, several musical instruments, etc. (except for personal objects and some books in Portuguese);
    • Daytrips.



    1. There are no annual re-enrolment fees.
    2. There are no deductions for siblings regarding monthly fees.
    3. For children joining the school in February, payments of monthly fees are required starting in January of the entry year (backdated).
    4. For children joining the school in August, payments of monthly fees are required starting in July of the entry year (backdated).
    5. Due to Brazilian Law, the person responsible for payments of school fees is required to have a CPF number. All receipts (Nota Fiscal Carioca) will be issued in the name of this person. Without a CPF number, it will not be possible to issue a bank slip (invoice) and children’s start date in school will need to be held back. Please contact the Admissions Department urgently if you do not have a CPF number at the time of enrolment.

    The monthly fees do not include the following costs:

      • Extra-curricular activities (classes after 15:00h such as ballet, judo, capoeira, gymnastics, football, etc…).  Classes are usually 2 days a week - individual costs per activity.
      • School uniform (you can buy them in stores which we will inform you the location)
      • Transport to school (school buses are available but organized by other companies which deal directly with parents). These companies are not controlled nor supervised by the school.
      • Residential Year Group Trips (starting at the age of 10 they might have 1 trip per year to places nearby. They might spend from 2 to 5 days in the trip and costs for transport and accommodation are not included in the fees).
      • Other Residential Trips related to Duke of Edinburgh programme, Community Service, MUN (Model United Nations) programme, etc.
      • General services hired directly by parents with third parties, such as school class and individual photos, professional videos and media material related to presentations and activities.

      Parents withdrawing a child within 2 years of the child starting school may request repayment of the Required Donation as follows:

      • 50% return for departure within the first year
      • 25% return for departure within the second year. Requests for returns of the Required Donation beyond the two-year timeframe will not be granted.


      Returning Students

      Students who leave the school and return at a later date are not charged any further Donation or any return fee.


      A variety of residential trips are organised for students both to places of educational interest in Brazil and overseas. Costs for these trips are not included in tuition fees and must be paid for separately. The following residential trips have been organised annually in previous years:

      Year 5 – Fazenda Ribeirão Trip

      Year 6 – Paraty Trip

      Year 7 – Região dos Lagos or Tiradentes Trip

      Year 8 – Salvador & Praia do Forte or Pantanal & Bonito Trip

      Year 9  Espirito Santo or Brasilia & Chapada dos Veadeiros Trip

      Year 10  Foz do Iguaçu or Bahia Trip

      Year 12 & 13 – Ouro Preto Trip (biannual for BSS students)

      Year 12 & 13 – CAS Trip

      Optional trips usually occur during school holidays or over the weekend, with the exception of sports tournaments. International trips are organised by various departments of the Secondary School. These have included Art & Drama trips to New York or London, French trips to Quebec or Paris and Spanish trips to Argentina or Chile, STEAM Trips to NASA (USA). Students in the Secondary School who participate in team sports may also be involved in inter-school competitions outside Rio de Janeiro. Students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme are involved in outdoor pursuit trips over the weekend. In all cases, costs are not included in the tuition fee and must be paid for separately.

      Other costs involve personal school materials (a minor ‘School Materials List’ is sent to Primary students), some Portuguese books, transportation and school uniform.

    Where to Send all Documents

    All Applications shall be done online at

    If you have any other doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you and regards,

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