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School Trips


School Trips

The British School’s commitment to holistic education is reflected in our belief in the value of school trips.

Through our diverse programme of trips, students have the opportunity to undergo experiences outside of the classroom thus engaging with the real-life implications of what they learn.

Trips help to develop investigative skills and longer residential stays, in particular, encourage greater independence. As well as complementing the academic curriculum, trips also contribute to the development of the attributes of our Learner Profile and our Core Values, helping to create well-rounded individuals.

Day Trips

Educational and curriculum-based trips to places of local interest take place throughout the school, from Foundation Stage to IB Diploma. Most trips take place within year groups annually and are placed in the calendar well in advance. Given our commitment to our Core Values and Learner Profile, trips to local charitable organisations aim to instil in our students the value of community service. Additionally, attendance at a specific event, such as a museum exhibition, concert or theatre performance, can vividly bring to life a particular curricular focus.

Residential Trips

Interdisciplinary residential curriculum trips seek to reinforce and extend class-based learning through students engaging with case studies, environments and processes they explore as part of the formal curriculum. Whole year group trips begin in Year 5 with three days in Petrópolis or Fazenda Ribeirão, followed by longer trips of around a week to Paraty (Year 6), Região dos Lagos (Year 7), Salvador & Praia do Forte (Year 8), Espirto Santos (Year 9) and Foz do Iguaçu (Year 11). Depending on option choices students may also participate in residential trips associated with certain subjects, notably the IB Geography trips to Manaus and San Andreas Island in the Caribbean.

In addition, TBS offers optional cultural trips during holiday periods for example to London, California and New York, which seek to further broaden our students’ horizons by giving them the opportunity to explore these world locations and cultural centres. Trips are also organised to promote extra-curricular activities, notably for participation in the Model United Nations Programme, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award scheme expeditions, and the Falcons’ sports competitions.